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  1. Riverine China Holdings Limited
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  3. Corporate Governance
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Board of Directors:

Mr. Xiao Xingtao(Chairman and executive Director)
Mr. Fu Qichang(Vice-chairman and executive Director)
Mr. Xiao Yuqiao(Executive Director and chief executive officer)
Mr. Jia Shaojun (Executive Director)
Mr. Zhang Yongjun (Non-executive Director)
Mr. Cheng Dong(Independent non-executive Director)
Mr. WengGuoqiang(Independent non-executive Director)
Mr. Shu Wa TungLaurence(Independent non-executive Director)

Audit Committee:

Mr. Shu Wa Tung Laurence(chairman)
Mr. Cheng Dong
Mr. Weng Guoqiang

Remuneration Committee:

Mr. Cheng Dong(chairman)
Mr. Fu Qichang
Mr. Xiao Yuqiao
Mr. Shu Wa Tung Lawrence
Mr. Weng Guoqiang

Nomination Committee:

Mr. Xiao Xingtao (chairman)
Mr. Fu Qichang
Mr. Cheng Dong
Mr. Shu Wa Tung Lawrence
Mr. Weng Guoqiang