We ranked 30th among the property management companies in the PRC in 2016, and have achieved a leading position in providing property management services to public properties in the PRC. According to China Index Academy:

(1)Comprehensive strength: We ranked 30th in China on the list of Top Hundred Property Management Enterprises’’ (2016中国物业服务百强企业) in terms of scale of property management, business performance, service quality, development potential and social responsibility in 2016 ;
(2)Public properties: We ranked second in the public property management sector among all private independent public property management companies in terms of property management scale in 2015;
(3)Public arena properties: We ranked first in the public arena segment of the public property management sector among all private independent property management companies in terms of management scale in the PRC in 2016. In 2016, our average property management fee was the highest in the segment; and
(4) Public transportation properties: We ranked third in the public transportation segment of the public property management sector in the PRC in terms of the scale of public transportation properties in 2016. Our Company had a comprehensive type of services and a large number of management projects with respect to the public transportation property management in 2016.

Properties managed by us
We mainly provide a wide range of property management services and value-added services to a variety of properties, with a majority in Shanghai. Our services also expand into other regions including Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hubei and Hunan provinces. These properties can be categorised into six categories in terms of their respective usage comprising of:

(1) Public properties: Including cultural venues, stadiums, exhibition halls and public transportation properties;
(2)Office buildings and hotels;
(3) Commercial establishments: Including shopping malls, commercial and entertainment complexes;
(4)Government properties;
(5) Residential properties; and
(6)Others: Including schools, land parcels, industrial areas and properties under construction.

Our property management services
The property management services we provide can be broadly divided into two areas in terms of their nature:

Standard property management services comprising of engineering, repair and maintenance services, customer services, security services and cleaning and gardening services; and

Value-added services tailored to meet the needs of each customer and various kinds of consultation services relating to or ancillary to property management.

Our business model
In line with current market practice, we enter into one or more than one property management agreements with each customer which set out thereon the scope of our services and our management fees.

Going forward
We aim to continue to provide quality property management services and value-added services that are aligned with the business interests of our customers, throughout Shanghai, and expand our services to other regions in the Yangtze River Delta region and the Central China region. With our comprehensive knowledge in the property management market in the PRC, coupled with our resources network, we continue to offer a comprehensive business platform that combines local intelligence and expertise to deliver measurable results for our customers.